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Companies and Associations

Your administrative work is time consuming and prevents you from focusing on the heart of your business.

You lead a small company, your start-up gains momentum : you wish to add medical insurance for your employees, free yourself from the preparing the monthly accounts and monitoring customer invoicing !
You lead a bigger company, your Office manager is overwhelmed : we provide reinforcement to assist on tasks such as billing and customer payements !
You represent an Association, you need help to edit and broadcast your communication tools among your members, deal with the flow of your members’ registrations, organize your events !
Training organization : we help you to manage your day-to-day schedule, your clients’ registrations, monitoring your administrative needs and your training tools !

Independent and Liberal professions

You are a coach, a consultant : we help you in your day-to-day schedule, with your clients’ registrations, monitor your administrative needs and your training tools !

As an artist, you develop your artistic activity, your brand, you organize shows : the administrative issues overwhelm and frustrate you, we are here to help and assist you in your persuits !

You are a lawyer : you need a “Perle” 2 days a week to help you write your legal documents and statements, manage you mail and e-mails, save your accounting documents !

Individual clients

You are a private person : your papers accumulate, you do not have the time to answer to all your email and correspondence, nor to deal with your personal administrative issues, your appointments, your lists and travels !

You live abroad, you have business or properties in France : we take care of the administrative side of your properties’ management (staff management, ongoing or new work on the property, insurances…) and of the monitoring of your activities in France. We make the connection with your suppliers. We are your trusted third party.

Quote Of course, I won much time in calling out for Caroline. But mostly, we could, in absolute trust, let her deal with more and more complex and stategic tasks. More than an Assistant, a «Perle» is a full Office Director, very autonomous and quickly essential.

Olivier Roelants, co-founder of

Quote Julie/Perles Office possesses a great sense of service and professionalism, the whole of it with much friendliness. It is Perles Office's contribution which allows us to ensure our growth phase.

Daniel Cortesi, CEO of Époké,

Quote I and all my staff really appreciate, for 3 years, the many qualities that make of Caroline a real «Perle». Availabity, reliability, rigor, spirit of service ! She understands well our job; does make everything to make our life easier and to propose solutions. She is very good with customers too.

Catherine Hoyez, CEO of Pyramis

Quote After several weeks, i still wonder how i was able to deal with my papers before my «Perle» arrived. Now i think i know the answer : I wasn't ! When I think about the late-payment interests, it makes me dizzy...

Mr Tcherkoff, Individual Client, Paris

Quote I feel relieved, assisted and supported. I couldn't do without my «Perle» anymore!

Alexandre Zouari,

We all need a «Perle».

Meet the « Perles »

Caroline and Julie, two independent Office Managers, met: Perles Office was naturally born.

“We have decided to mutualise our skills, our vision and our values to develop a service offer which is an answer to a real growing need : OPTIMIZE ONE'S TIME. Our structure is voluntarily at human scale.

What we long for? Build narrow relations with our clients and invest ourselves on the long term in their projects. Let them benefit from our professional network and thus, enrich the relational circle of everyone, keeps us at heart too.”

Julie Cohen

Caroline Canselier

The «Perles»

Elegant, smiling and dynamic, the «Perles» are highly qualified. Experienced, polyvalent, English speaking, they have a great ability of adaptation.

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